Celebrating the 800- Year Magna Carta Milestone

2015 is the 800th year since the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215 and there currently celebrations taking place across the world. Nowhere is embracing this historic occasion quite like our home city Lincoln though!

Only four original copies of Magna Carta remain from when it was sealed by King John in 1215. Copies of the charter were spread to religious houses in England – Hugh of Wells, the then Bishop of Lincoln, was present at the sealing and made sure a copy was brought back to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln is also the only place in the world where you can find an original copy of Magna Carta together with the Charter of the Forest, issued in 1217 to amplify the document and one of only two surviving copies. The two charters are housed in Lincoln Castle, a seat for justice from its beginnings.

A new home and visitor centre for Lincoln’s Magna Carta has been built in Lincoln Castle for the anniversary, but that is just the beginning.

The Great Magna Carta Weekend included the Freedom Festival on the Brayford Waterfront, the Night of Festivals carnival in the city centre, Magna Party – featuring Diversity – at Lincoln Castle, fireworks on Saturday night, and the launch of the Lincoln Barons’ Charter Trail.

We’re very proud to be based in the city of Lincoln, and the YPP team really enjoyed taking part in the celebrations.

We were also commissioned to produce a number of printed items to help decorate the various outdoor spaces hosting different attractions. We produced flags that decorated the Brayford waterfront, which hosted the firework display, and our white and gold bunting lined the streets, including all along Lincoln’s famous Steep Hill.

“To be involved in any capacity in such a historic occasion is fantastic” said YPP Managing Director Stuart Maclaren. “The atmosphere in the city has been absolutely brilliant as people have come from far and wide to come together and join the party, and I’m delighted we were able to help Lincoln look the part.”