Last Chance to See Lincoln Knights on Public Display

Your Print Partner’s very own Knight has reunited with his 35 other knightly comrades for the final time at Lincoln Castle this week before they are auctioned for charity.

The Lincoln Knights’ Trail began back in May, when 36 knight sculptures were created to represent the two main figures of the 1217 Battle of Lincoln – Nicola de la Haye (Custodian of Lincoln Castle) and William Marshall (Regent to the young King Henry III) – and placed at specially chosen sites all across the city. Each sculpture was sponsored by a local business and painted by a talented artist.


Our knight, created by artist Deven Bhurke, was based on the legendary figure of Robin Hood and his famous Lincoln Green clothing and was positioned at the centre of St Paul’s Lane in the Bailgate area of Lincoln. He has his very own Twitter account - @The RobinKnight – where you can find a huge number of pictures and comments from visitors.

The reunion event at Lincoln Castle is the last chance for the public to see the sculptures on display, and will enable those who couldn’t follow the trail to see all the designs in close detail.

Tickets for the auction can be purchased here, with all funds raised going to support The Nomad Trust, and help to fund future cultural activities in the city.


Last few days for Lincoln Knights!

As the school summer holidays come to an end so does the Lincoln Knight’s Trail, which means it’s almost time to say goodbye to our sponsored Knight. 

At Your Print Partner we were delighted to be involved in such an ambitious and successful public art event for the city.

We were also proud to supply the Knight’s Trail maps for this event which have been available from venues across the city. During the Anniversary of the Battle and the Sealing of the Charter of the Forest commemorations, Lincoln BIG’s staff, alongside city businesses, gave away more than 10,000 to people keen to track down each Knight’s location.


Our knight, created by talented artist Deven Bhurke, took his place as the fifth knight in the trail at the centre of St Paul’s Lane in the Bailgate area of Lincoln. Robin Hood, aka. Lincoln Green, has become a firm favourite not only here at Your Print Partner but by flocks of visiting children and adults alike. Not only starring in countless photos and selfies, Robin has also been featured in several blogs about the trail which you can find on his Twitter profile @TheRobinKnight.


Since the trail began in May, it has been a busy summer for Lincoln with the celebration of the 800th Anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln bringing a buzz to the city with a number of events running alongside the Knights’ trail.

In August, Robin Hood travelled in time to celebrate 1940’s day, surrounded by an array of family-friendly activities and music, our Knight found himself in amongst a jubilant host of 1940’s dancers. Also as the annual Steampunk Festival descended on Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter over the bank holiday wekeend, Robin was visited by our seamstress-turned-steampunk Lynda.


Thank you to everyone who came to visit, if you’ve not yet had the chance to, or want to visit again, the trail continues with the knights guarding the city’s streets until Sunday 3rd September.

That is not quite the end for our Knight; he will be re-joining his fellow knights for a Lincoln Knights’ Reunion in the grounds of the Castle where you will be able to see them for free, from September 20 to 27 between 10am and 5pm.




Flying the Flag for an Iconic Historic Event

2017 marks 800 years since the Battle of Lincoln – one of the most influential events in English history.

The battle meant that the invading French forces were repelled and the young King Henry III held on to the throne. With Henry as King, the iconic Magna Carta, seen by many as the blueprint for democracy across the world, was re-issued in November 1217 alongside a complementary charter: the Charter of the Forest.

The fighting took place in and around Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral, Bailgate area and Steep Hill.

At Your Print Partner we were delighted to be asked to provide printed bunting and medieval-styled flags to help decorate these historic city streets.

We produced hundreds of metres of bunting and bespoke flags, printed in the official campaign colours and made-to-measure, which are now on show in uphill Lincoln.

A free marketing toolkit has been launched for local businesses to help them spread the word about the celebrations and make the most of the opportunities presented by large numbers of visitors and tourists. The toolkit can be downloaded from Visit Lincoln here.

A whole host of celebrations and events will be taking place in the city during the Summer, from medieval banquets and battle re-enactments to the much anticipated Knights’ Trail, which will see 36 very special sculptures, painted by local artists, positioned in key locations throughout Lincoln.

Your Print Partner has its very own Knight, painted by artist Deven Bhurke, and you might just recognise him…

‘Lincoln Green’ is inspired of course by the heroic Robin Hood and his famous green coloured dyed woollen outfit, made in Lincoln. As well as bringing a sense of adventure to the Knights’ Trail, it is hoped that the design will help promote homelessness issues and remind us that through good deeds we can help those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Knights’ Trail begins on Saturday 20th May. The locations of the sculptures, including Robin, have now been revealed and can be viewed online here.


The Design of our Sponsored Knight is Revealed

After much anticipation, we are delighted to be able to finally reveal the design of our Knight for the Lincoln Knights’ Trail.

He’s everyone’s favourite heroic outlaw, who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor… Introducing Robin Hood, aka ‘Lincoln Green’, from artist Deven Bhurke.

The design features the final verse from a poem written by John Keats in 1820, which includes the line “Honour to the Lincoln green!”, on the Knight’s shield.

Lincoln in the Middle Ages was a prosperous and thriving city, and perhaps most famous of the city’s wares were its beautifully coloured and highly prized textiles, with one shade in particular very popular: Lincoln Green. They produced this shade by dyeing the cloth with woad (Isatis tinctoria) to give it a strong blue, then overdyeing it yellow with weld (Reseda luteola) or dyers’ broom, Genista tinctoria. The colour since became synonymous with the stories of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

At Your Print Partner, we have continued that Lincoln tradition of producing brightly coloured textiles — however nowadays we prefer to use inks and digital UV printers!


All thirty six Knights were unveiled in full to guests and the media for the very first time in a special launch event at The Showroom in Lincoln this week.

The hand-painted sculptures will form part of a special trail through the city, marking the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest, between May 20 and September 3.

More information about the Knights’ Trail can be found on the official website

We will be taking our sponsored Knight on tour before the beginning of the Trail in May, so for updates follow our Team YPP Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (#LincolnGreen)